If you’re a franchisee and you’re nearing the end of your contractual agreement, let Executive Franchise Consulting review the details of your contract to help you find your best option. If you’re thinking about exploring another franchise opportunity, renegotiating your current agreement, or thinking about selling your company, EFC can help.

We will work directly on your behalf and give you different options you may not be aware of. We know the details behind the real estate franchise agreements and will be there to help you overcome many obstacles.

Real Estate Franchisee Services

  • Strategy formulation (identify alternatives such as conversion, start up, acquisition, merger, and joint venture opportunities)
  • Develop franchise support strategies and teams (establish benchmarks and control procedures)
  • Create avenues in gathering intelligent data for successful recruiting
  • Assist in renegotiating expiring franchise agreements and potential options
  • Real Estate company valuations
  • Exit strategy preparation