Executive Franchise Consulting provides you, the franchisor, with an outside expert resource that helps to match potential franchisee prospects with your franchise offering. We will carefully identify these prospects, and match them up with your offering, delivering the most persuasive and provocative value proposition that identifies and meets the potential franchisee’s needs. This is done through our consultative franchise selling expertise and use of comprehensive data, while highlighting your franchise system’s features and benefits.

EFC entered into an agreement with Real Data Strategies (RDS), to provide the best and most accurate market-specific data available to assist franchisors in analyzing their specific target marketplaces. This specialized information will help franchisors to better understand real estate markets and the industry that serves them. RDS gathers data from the Multiple Listing Services throughout North America, standardizes it, corrects it when necessary, and creates objective, third-party analysis that are highly intuitive.

EFC will work smartly and diligently to expand your network and grow your franchise operation in any market you specify. We bring years of corporate franchising expertise in logical and organic growth through new franchise sales, acquisitions and expansions.

Real Estate Franchisor Services

  • Strategic planning to plan (assigning tasks, time, etc.)
  • Environmental scanning and long-term objectives (identify strengths and weaknesses internally and opportunities & threats in the external real estate environment)
  • Strategy formulation (identify alternatives such as conversions, start ups, acquisitions, mergers, and joint ventures and selecting the appropriate alternatives)
  • Strategic thought moving to strategic action moving to strategy implementation (determine roles, responsibilities, and timeframes)
  • Strategic mechanisms (strategies broken down into smaller components (objectives)
  • Strategy evaluations (establish specific benchmarks and control procedures, revisiting plans at regular intervals to update plan, etc.)
  • Create avenues in gathering intelligent data for the successful marketing of franchises
  • Grand strategies, formulation, and choice (Cost leadership, differentiation, and focus)
  • Strategic controls (Premise controls, implementation controls, strategic surveillance, special alert controls)
  • Develop franchisor support strategies and teams (establish benchmarks and control procedures)

Development Services for Franchise Concept

  • Uniform Franchise Disclosure Document
  • Franchise Agreement
  • Other ancillary agreements such as equipment or services agreements for products and services your franchisees may be required to purchase from you
  • Branch Office Addendum
  • Confidentiality/Non-Compete Agreement
  • Personal Guarantee Agreement
  • Collateral Assignment of Lease Form
  • Additional UFDD Requirements such as List of State Agencies, Operation to Manual Table of Contents, and State Law Addenda
  • Form application to use with potential franchisees
  • List of registration states and the cost to register in each
  • Formation of a new corporation to offer the franchises (including corporate minutes, bylaws, tax filings, subscription agreements, etc.)
  • Certain legal disclaimers for your website
  • Unlimited meetings, phone calls, etc. to complete the UFDD
  • All Internal Checklists for conversion and start-up franchise applications with accompanying forms
  • Statement of Prospective Franchise Forms (SOPF) internal and external
  • Specific tactics and dialogue for merger and acquisitions
  • Company Valuation Instructions and a valuation of your current operation
  • One half day MAX POWER event (Strategies that will help to propel the agents and increase productivity)
  • Advise on charging ongoing fees to your franchisees
  • Advise on charging franchise fees
  • Comparables of your competitors fee structure and suggestion for yours
  • Advise on charging for local and national advertising and marketing fees
  • Estimate cost for franchisees during conversion
  • Regional Director Relationship Development and guidance
  • Detailed Operations Manual
  • Strategic planning with tactics and implementation
  • Development of your franchise development and sales
  • Development of your franchise support systems