If you’re an independent and your thinking about growing your company by franchising it, let Executive Franchise Consulting be the first ones you contact. The Franchisors have their sales executives working for their best interest, so why shouldn’t you have EFC in your corner working for your best interest?

If your goal is to take your company to the next level, EFC will help you analyze which real estate franchise would be the appropriate fit for your goals and business needs.

Choosing the right real estate franchise can be a daunting task and very hectic, especially after you decide and move through the grueling paperwork process.

EFC will alleviate much of your worries about:
  • Which is the best franchise company to succeed with?
  • Understanding all the nuances and pitfalls behind the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) formally Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC)?
  • Will I be able to grow with the franchise I choose?
  • What type of asset will I ultimately be able to sell?
  • What don't I know about negotiating my franchise renewal and how much money can I get?

Independent Brokerage Services

  • Advocate for independents looking to franchise (produce report on franchisor that is fair, balanced, and unbiased)
  • Franchise Disclosure Document review and evaluation
  • Review tools and systems of franchisor
  • Analyze different potential franchise opportunities that best fit goals and aspirations
  • Exit strategy preparation
  • Real Estate company valuations
  • Assist in merger, acquisition, and joint venture opportunities